December 2014 Coupons


This website provide a great way to save money while shopping on Jabong. Here you will find lots of coupons, you can select the best one according to the item you are planning to buy. You need to follow below steps to apply these coupons and get the discount.

Learn How To Apply These Coupons

1. On the Jabong website, there are various categories and sub-categories which can help you identify the item you want to buy. Even options are provided for a particular price range and brand, so it makes shopping experience quite pleasant.

2. Once the item is identified, click on ADD TO CART option
jabong cart
3. Now take the best suitable jabong coupon for this website and on the page, where you have selected the item, on the right side of that you will see a APPLY JABONG VOUCHER option. Put your coupon their and click on APPLY. Discount will be applied and reflected on the screen as you can see in the next picture.
jabong coupons
4. Now click on ORDER NOW button, provide all the relevant details. Now relax and be ready to receive the item in next some days.

Shopping Using Jabong Coupons

Who doesn’t love shopping? Specially in women, it is very difficult to find somebody who doesn’t have this passion. Now men has also started sharing this passion, main reason for this is that things are much more organized now a days. Earlier you had to go to different shops and bargain to get the best item and even then you always have a suspicion that either you have paid a higher price or you could have selected a better item elsewhere. But with the opening of shopping malls, a big relief came to the buyer that he can find all the items under one roof and probably at a “not so higher” price. But in the recent years, people have started looking for alternative due to 2 reasons, one is that items are still pricey at shopping malls, other reason is that people don’t have time even to go to shopping malls, so in that time, online shopping like Jabong came as a boon for shoppers which allows you to buy faster and at cheaper price, also at the comfort of your home.

These online companies have a unique advantage, they have very less overhead in comparison to traditional shops. They don’t need to manage multiple stores, hiring employees for that, paying for electricity and other essential items. So these companies have a much bigger profit share which they pass on to consumers through coupon codes. Jabong is an emerging name in online shopping arena. It came into existence in year 2011 and in just 2-3 years, it has become the king of online clothing space. has a beautiful and neat design and there are various categorization in terms of category, sub-category, brand name, price range, so it become quite easy to select the best item according to one’s need.

Jabong deals mainly in clothing space and maintains all clothing options for men, women and kids. It also deals in accessories like sunglasses, ribbons, jewellery, shoes, furniture, home decor etc. If you have a favorite brand in clothing, so you can rest assured that you will find this brand on Jabong as all popular brands like nike, celvin klain, desigual, adidas, puma, ray-ban, united colors of benetton etc. are maintained here. For the icing on the cake, Jabong has some very good customer centric features like 30 days return policy, free shipping etc which help shoppers to buy stuff without any hesitation.

In last some years, many internet basic companies have emerged and they are having huge competition among themselves, each one is trying to grab the bigger market share in online clothing space. Jabong is giving tough time to all its competitors, it is giving upto 80% discount on items to lure the shoppers. While other companies
are giving discounts only on some special days like Christmas, raksha bandhan etc, Jabong is giving discount throughout the year, which makes it as perfect choice for shoppers.

Currently, at the time of writing this article, there are many discounts going on. Some of them are:

  • 30% discount on clothing, jewellery, bags, accessories etc. To promote their mobile app, they are giving 2% extra discount when you buy from their mobile app.
  • 50% off on 10000 different products which is going on from long time. So you don’t need to panic, you can buy at your comfort and you will still get a discount.
  • There are many brand specific discounts like 50% on puma clothing, 40% on united colors of benetton, 40% on Nike, 25% on Fasttrack etc.

Some Features of Jabong Shopping

  • Jabong has a 30 days return policy, So after buying if you feel that it does not suit you or fit properly or simply not as attractive as you found in the display pictures, you can return the item within 30 days, you will get full refund except shipping charges.
  • Jabong has free shipping policy when worth of item crosses the minimum amount specified by them.
  • Jabong delivery is very fast if you live in big cities like Delhi, Bangalore etc. For other places, it can take from 5 to 8 days.
  • Jabong has a 24*7 customer care option, so if you have any complain or query, you can call them anytime.
  • If you live a metro cities, You also have the cash on delivery option, so if you don’t have internet banking/credit card/debit card, you can still buy the item and pay for it in cash when you receive the item, though in this case you have to pay Rs 39 extra as a convenience fee.

Jabong in News

  • Jabong came into picture in year 2011 and since then it has won many awards in the Indian e-commerce space. some of them are:
  • Jabong won the “Online Retailer of the Year” award, it was very much deserved in our opinion considering the quality of service they have provided to their customers.
  • Jabong won award of “Most Impactful Launch of the Year” in year 2013 which shows the progress it did in just 2 years since its inception.
  • For its outstanding customer satisfaction, it was chosen as one of the 3 top players in Indian e-commerce industry.